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TSBS GM In Trouble As Activist Petitions Taraba Broadcasting Services for allege discrimination

An Activist,  Dr Sulaiman Bakari has petitioned the management of Taraba State Broadcasting Services (TSBS), for alleged marginalization and discrimination against Muslims Programs in the state.
Bakari, a certified Criminal Investigative Analyst, by the FBI United States of America, USA in a letter to the General Manager of the station copied to Gov. Ishaku Darius, expressed concern over the sustain refusal of the state to air program relating to Ramadan.
“Let me start by appreciating the effort of the government in uniting the state and putting up some strict measures to help prevent the spread of the Novel CoronaVirus in the state. Which made it thus far one of the least affected States.
“I must also appreciate every public office holder who  Carries out various activities targeted at satisfying varied public interests without undermining any section of the populace.
“This is the first open letter I have ever written to you and it is with great expectation that my views would be well understood. Let me state that I do not intend to achieve any parochial or cynical interest in putting this forth for public consumption, no matter how minute it may seem to be. Rather I write in trepidation, perturbation, and outage, just like every average Nigerian, who is patriotic to the development of their state and the nation at large.
“Without any modicum of doubt, the certain voice needs to be added to the existing cacophony of voices and torrent of criticisms, unheard in every nook and cranny as regards your activities as the head of Taraba State Broadcasting Services.
“Sir, permit me to state that I stand with the dictates of objectivity and constructiveness, thus I am not driven by any self interest. My stakes are manifest in two folds.
“Firstly, I have always been a patriotic Nigerian whose right to express himself is fully guaranteed under section 39 of the 1999 constitution; the grand  norm that legitimizes your administration as the General Manager of the Taraba State Broadcasting services.
“Secondly, I am a young and seasoned anti-corruption expert who canvasses or Supports every possible means of generating revenue for the government and ensure every Kobo counts in the purse of the state government.
“I have passion for my state and this is why I engage  in different forms of humanitarian services and I advocate for due process and fair play for all Tarabans. Part of my selfless service to humanity is to sponsor public enlightenment programmes both on electronic and print media. I take the media with so much pride as they occupy the fourth estate of the realm.
“My effort to reach out to the people through the delivery of Ramadan message via your station, Taraba State Broadcasting Services (TSBS) was greeted with a banana pill. This happened during the 2019 Ramadan season. I made effort to sponsor call to prayer for the break of fast by the Muslim ummah, but it was declined by the management and payment already made was refunded to me. No reason or whatsoever was given for the decline. The similar encounter was faced during this year 2020 Ramadan. All efforts made to reach out to you in order to be properly briefed proved abortive.
“At this period of Covid-19 pandemic where there is an embargo on all forms of gathering, it behooves on us who have the means & willingness to sponsor such call to programs. This is obtainable everywhere in the whole world. Similar religious messages are sponsored by other faiths, and we get to hear them at your station. The call to Magrib prayer is to remind every Muslim about the time to break their fast and pray the Magrib as not all May be privy to the exact time for prayer. As most of the mosques closed down. This may enable all Muslims to know the time to break their fast and pray as everyone prays at home at the moment. Apart from this, however, the government also generates revenue from such paid services rendered by your station.
“My question is: why was such a request that generates revenue turned down by your station without a reason to back it up? Feedback is key as it clears the mind off some negative thoughts, which are already being perceived. Apprehension sets in when public services are not accessible to all and guaranteed equally among the people.
“On a final note, let me state it unequivocally that Taraba State is indivisible as your appointment is to serve the public interest and be impartial. You are there for our collective interest and not the interest of a few individuals. Knowledge of this will keep us on the path of greatness.
“Mr. GM, my words are given for your attention. Taraba State is yours, mine, and ours. While I pray for wisdom greater than that ever imagined constructively to pilot the affairs of Taraba State Broadcasting Services,” Bakari said.
He appeals to the station as a matter of urgency to accept and air his paid avert, or he would petition regulatory bodies or take legal action.
In the meantime, efforts get the General Manager of the station Mr Theophilus Andeyarka have been futile as he was said to be out of the station so also the state commissioner of Information Mr Danjuma Adamu was equally said to have traveled out.
Taraba State Broadcasting Services, (TSBS) Jalingo was established on the 28th August, 1991 and is under the current leadership of Mr. Theophilus Andeyarka as the General Manager.

Current Directors in TSBS with their respective Departments are as follows;

  1. Daniel Abong – Admin/Manamgement Services.
  2. Mr. Uka’a Ukondo – DNCA.
  3. Mr. Tanimu Umaru – Transport Service.
  4. Mr. Joshua Kwanchi – Programmes
  5. Mrs. Suzie Voka – Finance and Supply.
  6. Miss Robiah Stephen – Communications.
  7. Vacant -Planning, Research and Statistics

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