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The Periscope lead Publisher risks Keke Napep casualty

By Ismail Mohammed,

After a conference Saturday, there was a captivating human angle story, having the capacity to capture it as the Periscope mood of the moment for a weekend, the paper’s lead publisher Dr. Adamu Dodo, driving without a reporter, having arrived at the scene of the incident, parked his car by the roadside to bring out his media gadgets from the rear door.

A seeming wee smoking, drug abusing, commercial tricyclist, conveying uncared about the meaning of life passengers, followed the publisher by the road shoulder and hit the rear opened door of the vehicle, which luckily served as a shield to what would have been unimaginable tragedy against the Dodos.

Though the publisher escaped unhurt, the pressure exerted by the contact between the tricycle and the vehicle has caused a knee injury to one of the passengers riding on the seeming moving to hell overloaded tricycle.

The publisher simply asked the tricycle passengers to get another means of continuing the journey to their various destinations lest they make the list of the moaned for the mood of the moment.

The management of the injured passenger was facilitated by the publisher while concentrating on how to get the vehicle out of the scene of the incident

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