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The Mild Drama @ Police DFI

A Commentry By Bar. Adamu Kabiru

My name is Bar Adamu Kabiru of The Pen law office in Bassan Plaza, CBD, Abuja, I was at the Force Intelligence Department yesterday (Friday), following up on a case with an IPO in room 212, second floor, when a Police officer whom I later identified as SP Bitrus Duguza, came in with one other person, who came with some court processes to see the Department’s legal liaison officer, Dsp Usman Sadiq Usmobik.

The said SP Bitrus informed the liaison officer that the other person came to serve him the processes, thus he needed advice on whether he can personally accept service.

The liaison officer asked for the processes, which he scanned through and then asked the said SP Bitrus if the applicant is still in detention, same was answered in the affirmative. He then asked the processes bearer if he is a court staff, but to everyone’s greatest bewilderment, the person later identified as Bar Adewale Nathaniel of Lion of Judah Chambers angrily warned the liaison officer not to ask him stupid and silly questions.

Following the said lawyers disposition who had earlier represented himself as a court staff, the said liaison officer cautioned him on his conduct as same could be interpreted as Intimidation, which is criminal. Following this simple caution, the said Bar Adewale Nathaniel fired up with all manner of insults on the liaison officer, some of which are “you are a bastard and stupid officer”, “who is your employer you unfortunate fool”, “you are done and I will make sure I finish you”, “mark my words, you will die a miserable death”, “I work with spirits that have already informed me that I will meet a useless person in this office and I see you are the one, but don’t worry you won’t live to tell the story” and so on.

Officers in building trooped to the said room 212 to find out what is happening because the said lawyer was shouting on top of his own voice, damning all wise counsel from myself and others in the room.

The liaison officer then informed him that at this point, his statement will be recorded under caution for Obstruction of lawful conduct of duty, threatening violence and threat to life, meanwhile one officer named Imaam Muhammad was asked to record the incident, but the said lawyer continued in his spree of insults unabated.

Going forward, an officer was assigned to record the lawyer’s statement under caution and when the officer named Emmanuel came towards the lawyer to ask him to sit down and write statement, the lawyer pushed him violently whereof the officer had to defend himself too.

Surprisingly, the said lawyer violently reached for the officer recording the incident in an attempt to grab the phone but the officer managed to clinch to the phone without letting him have his way. At this juncture, the liaison officer went to report the incident to his supervising Deputy Commissioner of Police.

The liaison officer returned to the office and made contacts with some prosecutors attached to the office for possibility of taking the said lawyer before a court but it was already close to 5pm and there was no chance of getting any court available.

The IPO assigned to the case, one Aminu Audu then served the lawyer bail condition, but he refused to collect same, although that was also caught on record. Given the absence of court at the time and the lawyer’s refusal to recieve the bail condition, let alone attempt to produce surety, the office had no option but to detain him so that they can bring him before a court on Monday.

Hmmm, at a point, I was asking myself if this Adewale guy is really a lawyer. Things dey happen sha, this one shock me ooo😳😳

Kabiru writes from Abuja.

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