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Tabital Pulaaku To Sen Yaroe: Your Claim Of Fulani’s Sole Ownership Of Kidnapping Reckless

~ Demands unreserved apology

A Fulani socio-cultural organization, Tabital Pulaaku International, Adamawa State branch has accused the Senator representing Adamawa South Senatorial Zone, Binos D. Yaroe of sowing hatred against the Fulani race.

The organisation described statement credited to him ascribing kidnapping as a sole venture of the Fulani stock as reckless, and unwarranted.

The statement noted that it is trite for the senator to start attacking the race who contributed immensely to his growth as an individual.

A statement signed by Dr. Murtala Aliyu and Dr. Ahmed Shehu, chairman and secretary general of Tabital Pulaaku international respectively, described the statement as ill, timed and done with the motive to incite other tribes against the Fulani race.

” It is exceedingly ironic that a beneficiary of Fulbe hospitality like Senator Binos Dauda Yaroe could demonstrate such magnitude of ingratitude to the fingers which actually fed him.

“It is on record that the distinguished senator spent seven of his teenage years at the home of Alhaji Usman Hamman-Yero Nyako enjoying the lavish Fulbe hospitality, where he successfully acquired his primary school education.

” And because of this reason, he adopted the family name of Hamman-Yero at primary school, but cleverly shortened it to only Yero afterwards.

“It is also on record that his family home at Mararaba Tola in Mayo Belwa local government area was inhabited by Fulbe over 600 years which is nearly four centuries before the establishment of Adamawa emirate.

” And when he decided to venture into politics, senator Yaroe was facilitated by Alhaji Sadiq Kalu, the famous Walin Ganye. The Walin Ganye also introduced him to HE Atiku Abubakar, the former vice president of Nigeria. Since his entry into politics, Atiku Abubakar remained his apron strings without whose support senator Yaroe would have hardly advanced as far as he got.

“Also Professor Ahmed Modibbo single handedly financed his political forays through People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), sponsored and financed him entirely.

“During his time as s lecturer of economics at the defunct college of preliminary studies Yola, professor Jibril Aminu facilitated the senator’s employment with the securities and exchange commission (SEC) of Nigeria.

” It is equally pertinent to remind our unsuspecting legislator that the constituency he represents is home to Dr. Bamanga Tukur, former national chairman of PDP, Professor Abdullahi Liman Tukur, vice chancellor of Modibbo Adama University, Dr. Umar Ardo a former gubernatorial aspirant, Alhaji Hamma Kojoli, former comptroller general of Nigeria Customs Service, Vice Admiral Murtala Nyako, former governor of Adamawa State, Alhaji Aliyu Ismail, former permanent secretary federal ministry of defense etc. All of them are distinguished Fulbe leaders,” the statement said.

The group further expressed disappointment that despite the forgoing background, the senator cold stoop so low to cast aspersions on the integrity of the Fulbe tribe saying that in all sense of modesty, the senator should have known the mettle and the moral standing of the Fulbe as a group.

“We are roundly disappointed that a leader like senator Yaroe could easily stoop so low as he did, blatantly, brazenly, and openly offending the sensibility of the vital constituents of his senatorial district, the Fulbe.

” It is equally unfortunate that this is happening at a time when our dear senator should have been focusing his attention on development issues and projects that would benefit his people including the Fulbe whom he represents but has rather chosen to disparage

“TPI appeals to security agencies to deploy extra vigilance about such politicians who carelessly incite citizens against one another for selfish and ulterior motives.

” In the light of the forgoing, TPI demands an unreserved apology from senator Yaroe for disparaging our people and for the public pain and ridicule which his unfortunate statements have caused our Fulbe brethren around the world, under the distinguished leadership of Lamido Fombina, it’s global grand patron.

“Tabital Pulaaku International is deeply concerned about the recent reckless public statements which curiously came from the distinguished senator representing Adamawa south senatorial district, Mr. Binos Dauda Yaroe.

” In his vituperations, the senator was quoted on video attacking the integrity of the Fulbe race and their capacity to be responsible citizens of Nigeria.

“The tone, character, wisdom and timing of the Senator’s statements and the platform where he made them were not merely unguarded, but grossly unbecoming of a person of his caliber.

“Coming from such a supposedly distinguished senator of the federal republic, which he is, who is expected to focus on unifying the people and providing hope and social services to his constituents, the legislature ended up disappointing a significant component of the people he represents, among whom are the very Fulbe he decided to attack and ridicule.

” TPI feels that the as their own representative in such a hallowed chamber of the national assembly, Mr. Yaroe should have invited his so-called informants for a dialogue to establish the veracity of their claims first by the faceless herders in his story.

“In this way, senator Yaroe should have admonished them on how to encourage the emergence of a peaceful and harmonious community of diverse peoples, cultures and sensibilities.

” TPI reminds our distinguished senator that no one chose his tribe, faith or birthplace, which have all been divinely ordained by the Almighty God.

“Therefore, the unfortunate story in his hate speech narrative, which claimed that Fulbe elite are responsible for arming their wayward kinsmen among pastoralists, leaves much to be desired.

“Similarly, the careless and hasty reference by Senator Yaroe that Fulbe elements were entirely responsible for kidnapping of the District Head (Ardo) of Mayo Farang was baseless as it was later discovered that the senator’s tribesmen were also deeply involved in the atrocity,” the statement noted.

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