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PRESS RELEASE: Adamawa Tingno Attack: Hausa/Fulani community demands justice

The Full Text: 


Gentlemen of the Press

We welcome you all to this press conference to high light the recent violent attack by the Chobo Community on peaceful Hausa Fulani Community of Tingno, Lamurde Local Government Area of Adamawa State.

The antecedents of the recent communal crisis that erupted in Tingno on Thursday, 14th and Friday 15th May, 2020 and to also, voice-out the predicaments we are currently going through as a result of the unprovoked attacks unleashed on us by the Chobo tribe.

The recent crisis occurred as a result of the action by a group of Chobo-Youth who confiscated a tri-cycle belonging to a Hausa man and refused to release it under the pretext that the owner wanted to hit them. The Hausas demanded for the release of the tri-cycle but the Chobo Youths become furious and embarked on a killing spree, destroyed properties and wealth belonging to Hausa-Fulani.

The Hausa-Fulani are the major Famers in that area and had over the years acquired reasonable legitimate wealth; the Chobo are therefore not happy and have been looking for a slightest opportunity to violently eliminate them from the area.

On Thursday 14th May, 2020 at about 9:00am the Tingno Community noticed that the Chobos Militia were assembling near their area carrying dangerous weapons (guns), they immediately reported the matter to the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Tingno. Regrettably, he failed to take action to protect the Community; this paved the way for the killings and destructions to commence.

The mayhem continued until late night when another contingent of Joint Security Team arrived from Yola at about 1:00am in three (3) Hilux Vans. After spending few hours they left and told the Hausa-Fulanis to defend themselves under the pretext that they (The Security Team) are not well armed to defend them.

On Friday, the 15th of May 2020, a contingent of Mobile Police (MOPOL) was dispatched to the area. Unfortunately, they went and stayed at Lafiya Town. The killings and destructions continued until when His Excellency, the Executive Governor arrived with team of Military Men and other Security Agencies who were left in the area to maintain peace and order.

The attack on the Hausa/Fulanis Community of Tingno resulted in the death of 58 innocent souls. However, only 47 corpses were recovered, whereas some people were burnt beyond recognition and many are still missing with no information as to their where about. While 60 persons sustained various degrees of serious bodily injuries resulted from gunshots and were hospitalized at the Specialist Hospital Yola, among whom two died thereafter.
Also, 52 persons were discharged whereas 6 persons are still on admission at the Hospital receiving medical attention.
Apart from the foregoing 60 people, many Hausa-Fulanis sustained injuries and were treated at private Clinics, patent medicine stores and herbal-healers.

Also as a result of the crisis, properties including Houses worth millions of Naira and three filling-Stations were destroyed. Over 1000 people were displaced mostly Women and Children. Majority of them were camped at Kupte Primary School in Lafiya-Lamurde.

It is equally important to state that, on the same 15th May, 2020, the Chobos also attacked Chito-Tudu and Chito-Gangare, another Hausa-Fulani Communities neighboring Tingno and killed 15 innocent persons and completely razed the whole villages, where properties worth millions of Naira were destroyed.

Despite the sufferings and the current plights of the Tingno Community, the Adamawa State Police Command arrested and detained 57 innocent Hausa-Fulanis out of which, the Adamawa State Police Commissioner on 1st June, 2020, paraded 18 persons at the Police Headquarters, Yola before Journalist as culprits. Since that time to date, those arrested have been in detention in various Police cells without bail.

From the record, it was the Chobos that attacked and killed Hausa-Fulanis and destroyed their properties in Tingno and Chito villages. There was no any record of any single lost of life or destruction of properties from the side of Chobos, but yet, the Adamawa State Police Command could not arrest any Chobo person who were the perpetrators of the killings/destructions. Therefore we, the Hausa-Fulanis feel that the action of the Adamawa State Police Commissioner is a clear injustice, bias and discrimination against our people.

Gentlemen of the Press, what the Commissioner of Police did on the 1st of June, 2020 was another wonders of the world because, there is no way the alleged Hausa-Fulani culprits could have attacked themselves, destroyed their Properties by themselves. Indeed, this is amazing.

It is also important to state that the arrest of Hausa-Fulanis of Tingno was a scene within scene created by politicians that support Chobo tribe and the Adamawa State police Command was used in executing the mission, in order to divert the attention of the Hausa-fulani Community to withdraw from the act of the enforcement of their fundamental human rights infringed during the recent crisis and to also discouraged the Hausa-Fulani from presenting their actual cases before the Judicial Commission of Inquiry set up by the State Government.
Furthermore, even with the presence of Security Agencies in and around Tingno currently, the Chobos, in isolated cases do attack Hausa-Fulanis in their respective farms and steal produce thereon. They are also threatening to mount road block and confiscate Vehicles/Trucks that carry rice belonging to Hausa-Fulani that move in or out of Tingno Community.

The Hausa-Fulanis of Tingno wishes to use this medium to appreciate His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Adamawa State, Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri for his prompt action on the crisis that erupted at Tingno on the 14th May, 2020. Indeed, his quick intervention which ensured the presence of Security Agencies in the Tingno Community was able to halt the escalation of the problem and also brought about reduction in the number of casualties against Hausa-Fulanis. We also appreciate the role that State Government played in establishing a relief Camp at Lafiya Lamurde town and the provision of free medical care and feeding of those at Camp and the hospital. We also appreciate the constitution of the judicial commission of inquiry.

We appreciate the gesture of everybody that supported us, particularly, the Muslim Council of Adamawa State. May Allah SWT reward them abundantly.

The Hausa-Fulani of Tingno Community hereby demands as follows:
1. The immediate release of all those who are currently under detention by the Adamawa State Police Command unconditionally.

2 We also call on the Judicial Commission of Enquiry constituted by the Adamawa State Government, to investigate the remote and immediate causes of the crisis and make just and fair recommendations to the Government for implementation.

3. We also call on the Constituted Authorities to, upon the completion of the judicial commission’s work, arrest and prosecute all culprits who proved to have a hand in the crisis.

4. We further call on the Adamawa State Government and Lamurde Local Government to as a matter of urgency resettle the destroyed Communities and compensate fully all the losses incurred by the victims.

5. We call on the Security agencies in the State to live up to their responsibilities and to do their work as truly expected of them devoid of bias, discrimination and injustice, particularly, on the Tingno crisis.

6. We call on traditional leaders especially His Royal Majesty Hama Batchama, the Paramount Ruler of Batchama Kingdom to maintain their traditional role as custodians of peaceful coexistence in their domains and not to be passive about serious issues, especially those that are likely to breach the peace and fundamental human rights of the Citizenry.

The Hausa-Fulani of Tingno Community would continue to be law-abiding citizens and would equally do every possible to maintain peaceful co-existence with all other tribes in order to maintain law and order in Tingno, the State and the entire Nation. Furthermore, We are ready to provide all necessary information to the constituted judicial commission of inquiry with a view to bring Culprits to book and providing lasting solutions to the crisis and restore peaceful co-existence in the Tingno Community and the entire State.


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