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Oshiomhole And The Strutting Songbird -By Festus Adedayo

Again, for Nigerian politicians and office holders in general who see themselves as Deputy God whenever they climb to the top, Providence spun what, a few months ago, would look like an impossible tale. It was the routing of cantankerous and loquacious Adams Oshiomhole from his office as the Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) by an Abuja Federal Capital Territory court. Since his election as Chairman of the ruling party, the former Edo State governor had exhibited a large air of verbosity which almost equaled a perception of that office as his eternal footstool. His political adversaries, however, showed him that no one could be as scientifically precise as an adversary haunting one as prey.

The abracadabra of politics could swivel tomorrow and Oshiomhole would be back to his office but today, the gates of that office have been locked against him. An Armoured Personnel Career (APC) and some fierce-looking policemen are said to have strewn up an office he majestically walked into like an adulterer strolls into the pub awhile ago. This is why, every person at the top should see the veil of vanity covering those top offices that look like where God comes to hold conferences. They are as perishable as flowers and their plumule.

Effectively now, Godwin Obaseki, governor of Edo, who Oshiomhole thought he had power of life and death over, to determine his fate and where to inter his political carcass, seems to be on a better political footing now than he was a week ago. A week ago, Almighty Oshiomhole held the knife, the yam and had the strength of a matador to pierce his knife into the heart of the naughty yam.

The lessons from this are like a two-fold loin. One is that power is the vainest of all ascriptions created by God. In fact, power has a propensity to fly away faster than man who the holy writ likened his exit to vapour. Except for the few hirelings who would be strutting round Oshiomhole now like a Songbird, hoping that a miracle could restore him, the moment a final decision is made that he is history in APC, he would be as lonely as a crow in a strange country. The second lesson is that, those plotting Oshiomhole’s downfall would also not pick a note of warning from Providence; the warning that their own turn to be shown the gate of that office is nigh.

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