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Mustapha Ahmed Habib:100 Days Of Strengthening Emergency Preparedness, Response, Mitigation And Recovery

Mustapha Ahmed Habib : 100 days of Strengthening Emergency Preparedness, Response, Mitigation and Recovery

By Abdulkadir Ibrahim

National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA is the federal Government Agency which coordinates Disaster Management in Nigeria through collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

In the last few years the Agency has experienced a lot of changes as it was moved to the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster management and social Development from the presidency.

In terms of leadership the Agency had also had three different Director Generals within three years.

The changes stated above came with a lot of challenges especially regarding response to emerging disaster and humanitarian challenges across the country but with the appointment of the present  Director General NEMA Alhaji Mustapha Ahmed Habib a new lease of life has been breathed into the Agency.

With the increased pressure on NEMA and other relevant stakeholders in Emergency Management to give adequate support to victims of Disaster the Director General  has with the support of Mr president and the Honorable minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and social Development created a sense of comradery,stronger partnership and collaboration among stakeholders in a very short time.

In a recent retreat organised for staff of the Agency to enhance performance, the DG pointed out that under his leadership the Agency will develop solutions to emerging challenges that will enable the Agency perform it’s functions in line with international humanitarian standards.

He also promised to go the extra mile to build up capacity to enable the Agency to contribute in building and strengthening mechanisms at community,local Government and state levels for effective Emergency Preparedness, Early warning and Quick response.

In terms of building capacity, the Director General has given priority to upgrading the Agencies resources especially in terms of staff welfare and This has impacted heavily with an increase in staff dedication to duty .

While the 100-day mark is mostly an arbitrary milestone, it has nevertheless become an important symbolic marker when to consider how a new leader is doing.

The first 100 days often gives an indication of a leaders management style, priorities and speed in implementing objectives.

With what is being experienced in NEMA in his first hundred days in office it is safe to say that under the leadership of Alhaji Mustapha Ahmed Habib NEMA is being reengineered to meet up with present Humanitarian challenges bedeviling the country.

Above all the sustained routine monthly food distribution to thousands Heads of households and their families in Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs camp in the north east by NEMA is highly commendable.

Ibrahim is the Principal Information Officer NEMA North East, wrtes from Maiduguri, Borno state.

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