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Monarchy in Maiha: Monday Monday match to Dougirei Hill challenging Fintiri directive

* We’ll stop Fintiri as we stopped Bindow from honouring court order – Group* They’re only bunch of retrogressive local champions – YouthsThe Periscope eavesdropperThe directive given by HE governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri to the effect of honouring court order by approving Barr. Mahmud Abubakar Suleiman the heir to the late District Head as the legitimate District Head of Jalingo-Maiha; the Royal Robe, hitherto robbed from him by Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow, using his office as governor to unleash unfashionable, unfascinating and unfathomable fascism against the Maiha solidified entity by arbitrarily appointing the heir to a village head, was a shocker to those in complecency to conspiracy against the nobility and established aristocracy in Maiha.The group argued that governor Fintiri was not fit to put his feet, crushing what was hatched from the 35 years old plan, which they egged Bindow to implement.Members of the anti Fintiri directives prominent among which it was alleged to be Juta, Javan, Jelanani, Idi Amin and Baduwa, led by Adamu Kwachacha Pakka, said to be a prodigal PDP zonal vice chairman, who has been covertly working the conspiracy against the party script with a view to baptising some rather hypothetical members of other political parties, with PDP ruling, running waters, purely for political appointments; the like of Jibi, the Periscope eavesdropper, like Vito Ferrari with his ears to the ground, moralising James Hadley Chase, will narrate, have planned to be at the government house Monday morning, as was alleged, to challenge Fintiri for humiliating the impostor Idi they planted and let to be watered by Bindow.Wakili Usman Shehu Idi the impostor, who was alleged to have earlier recognised only Bindow’s directives other than the Fintiri and the court orders, as being legitimate, it was said, was being communicated to, through the Mubi Emirate Council, of his being restrained by court order, from parading himself as district head, moralising the Fintiri directives.”Jibi will not join the Fintiri petty petitioners. It would not be a pretty idea, even to the selfish fetish, chiefly because he was yet baptised with the PDP ruling running water; not until that is successfully done.”Baduwa will rather remain inconspicuous to the government house against Fintiri, because he’s eying for a commissioner appointment.”Idi Amin will be in Yola from Abuja while Kwachacha will join the group in Yola from Maiha for the Monday morning masonry like mission against the monarchy in Maiha to the government house,” anonymous informant would reveal an outcome of a meeting.It was not clear whether or not the Sorau’s surreptitious Yahya, a State House of Assembly Member, representing Maiha local government, whose voice remained unheard at the floor of the house either proposing, supporting or opposing any bill and was alleged to been on the same page with Bindow, endorsing the illegitimacy of Idi to the monarchy in Maiha, would join the group Monday, to Dougirei Hill; the seat of government in Adamawa state, challenging the Fintiri directives.Other alleged retrogressive group led by Ardo Bello with five others, against the monarchy in Maiha, has like a backup plan, should the Monday morning masonry like mission failed, the Periscope eavesdropper can narrate.The Ardo group was alleged to have targeted the youths without attitude for a sponsored anarchy aimed at suffocating the fresh air during the making of the new monarch in Jalingo-Maiha.The group were alleged to be holding series of nocturnal meetings, without duly informing security agencies, against the Fintiri directives to honour court order in legitimising Mahmud as Monarch in Maiha.The group, were by the security operatives, it was alleged, identified to be held responsible for any beach of law and order before, during and after the celebration associated with the coronation Mahmud of the new district head of Jalingo-Maiha.Earlier, a group was alleged to have induced Juta for a journey to Dougirei Hill, challenging the Fintiri directives on legitimising Barr. Mahmud Abubakar Suleiman the heir to, as the district head of Jalingo-Maiha, during the well celebrated, highly commended SEC meeting, with ministries being adequately represented by the permanent secretaries.Governor Fintiri was simply honouring court order as a low abiding citizens who was not intoxicated by power to go against the rule of law leading to fascism.”Juta wouldn’t join issue against defended justice. Defeated by Fintiri, he left without the crown to the head of a misfit.” Anonymous insider would reveal.The youths, with a forward looking thought, have however considered the antagonists to the legitimacy of the monarchy in Maiha, to be nothing but retrogressive bunch of hypothetical local champions as political stakeholders; as mere selfish and unproductive opportunists.”These groups have, for the most part, voted against Bindow during the 2015 election. However, they manipulated their ways, presenting themselves as windows to Bindow’s hold of Maiha and the gullible governor believed the savage villagers to be true.”The retrogressive groups eventually, failed to utilise the opportunity of being close to the governor, to bring developments to the local communities in Maiha but dissension and threatened disintegration, robbing the heir to, of the Royal Robe.”Bindow only renovated without adequately equipping the cottage hospital, which instigated the intervention of the Dodo’s family in Diaspora.”In a press briefing, Idi Amin as chairman Maiha local government, was said to have claimed that the medical facilities donated by the Dodo family to, were government’s attempt at equipping the cottage hospital.”They told us Bindow is an indigene of Maiha. Bindow has however reduced the local government area to the level of being indigent to development. We only see roadworks in Mubi, starving other local government areas in the zone of such development. Can you call this a good governance?” The youths in Maiha argued.

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