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Michika: My People My Kinsmen


Still on our leader, H. E Boni Haruna the former Governor of Adamawa state. Some still jettison reality to rhetorics. Let me borrowed the saying of late political legend, Mallam Aminu Kano, who says at various times and I quote ” IN KASUWA TA WATSE, KOWA GIDAN SU ZAI KOMA”

This two saying has just reflected in my mind and found it suited with whats happened with our leader in the name of politics.
Here is a personality that governed Adamawa State for solid eight years, with all sense of responsibility and decorum, he is a personality who served his country as Honourable Minister by extention, member of the National Executive Council and successfully completed his services with unprecedented commendations.

Let me draw the attention of our people, Michika stock, though as I have said earlier, I wouldn’t like to reduce the personality of H. E Boni Haruna to Michika or his tribe higgi, but the fact is the much dishonourable comments of recent on our own by some of our sons of the soil, wjich is unfortunate. This call for sober reflections. The pedestals of developments in Adamawa State was architect by H. E Boni Haruna in both infrastructure and civil service. No matter what he has done his very best in building Adamawa state, that we are enjoying today. For any body to aid for his molestation, the action is condemnable by all and sundry not only Michika citizen. Let me dwell on my qouted second saying by late Aminu Kano, it very true that ( kayi Addu’a Allah ya kare ka da Wanda kayi wa Alheri) All this negativity on H. E is initiated by those he made them what they are today Politically; is on records he influenced all their progress in life as his kinsmen and someone who wants to see everyone grow positively in life. H. E Boni Haruna, has never being a greedy governor, very freindly, he doesn’t threaten his subjects neither technically divide them along ethnicityor religion line, he looks at Adamawa and her people away from partisan politics.
Now within the party that H. E Boni Haruna is a founding member and a pioneer governor of Adamawa State in the same party, that he will be denied chance to meet with the concern in his quest for a political contest, on a mare political in House sentiments, I think this is the millennium wrong calculations by the author. Still H. E Boni Haruna stand high, an influential factor, come 2023 and beyond.
But thank to the counter letter to the concern.

Michika people we need to be extra careful in our approaches to dishonouring our own, it will eventually count negatively on us as people. Politics is not a do or die affair.
During H. E late Saleh Michika, he contested as governor but failed in michika, same was done to H. E Boni Haruna, when he was chosen by H. E Atiku Abubakar, then contested as governor of Adamawa State as his deputy, he failed in michika, same was mated on Gen Marwa when he contested for Adamawa state governor. Why all this ? All of them have done their very best, but we are yet to holistically appreciate and honour them, instead we assist others to molest, castigate and disappoint them for his political desperation.
Is time we relegate this attitude and begin to rally round our own as done and exhibited by others, no matter their human short comings.
As at today like it or not, we don’t have any body beyond the likes of
1. H. E Late Saleh Michika
2. H. E Gen M. B Marwa and
3. H. E Boni Haruna.
I am not a prophet of doom, but if we are not careful, we will eventually lose our integrity, because we will have little or no relevance in Adamawa politics and the nation, why because we do not honour and respect our eminent tourch bearers.
Remember, NOBODY WILL BLOW YOUR TRUMPET, you have to do it, your self. We the only ones that will blow.
Poitics aside, those leaving should always be love, supported and appreciated beyond partisan.

I am yet to see any community in Adamawa state castigating their eminent personalities. No matter what, they appreciate them and stand by them always not minding politics. ( NAKA NAKA NE)

What I have been thinking over years, is when can we come as people to honour this personalities living and death and others alike for the positive name they brought to Michika which elevates Michika among the comity of Local governments in Nigeria.

I wish to draw our attention, our attitude made lost alot Politically and Developmentally,
1. Michika was 2nd to Ibadan metropolis in terms of population, and we are expected to grow beyond that or the worst, to maintain our position, but what is our position today in Adamawa state population wise ?
Census is coming again.

In 1979, we have a member house of representatives and four members in Gongola state House of Assembly. Today we share the green chambers seat with Madagali and have one member in the state Assembly; is that progress ?
Let’s come back and reflects on our challenges as people politics aside and redesign Michika, where all will have a sense of belongings and not propagating on our political divides and sentiments through abusing or disappointing our prominent sons to serve someone out there’s INTEREST.

Mutawallin Michika
Public Commentator and Political Analyst,
Writes from

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