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Media/CSOs move further to entrench anti-graft war, justice sector reforms in Adamawa

Civil Society Organizations in conjunction with the media have taken a step further to ensure the implementation of Justice Sector Reforms and Consolidating the implementation Adamawa State Anti-Corruption Strategy (ADSACS), during a 2-day workshop organized by Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption (RoLAC), component 4.

The 2- day workshop which took place at AUN hotel between June 10 – 11, 2019, was a follow-up on the implementation and planning workshop which took place in April 2019.

During the April workshop, far reaching recommendations were reached between the media, CSOs and state actors.

Some of the ecommendations considered for advocacy and sensitization/ awareness during the deliberations include:

Anti corruption Legislation, Adamawa State Anti-Corruption Strategy (ADSACS), Open Government Partnership (OGP), Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA), JRS -AP, and ADSACS – AP.

It was also agreed that Legal Drafting Department of ministry of Justice to draft Whistle-blower and Witness Protection Bill and Adamawa State Anti-Corruption Commission Bill should be pursued.

The production of the gazetted copies of the Administration of Criminal Justice Law and Proceed of Crime Law for distribution. Translation of relevant sections of ACJL and POCL into Hausa and Fulfulde as well as simplification of same was also agreed upon.

Others are: provision of electronic equipment for taking statements of suspects. Capacity building for Justice Sector Practitioners. Establishment of Proceed of Crime Agency (POCA) for effective implementation of POCL. Adequate funding and capacity building for the staff of POCA and collaboration with CSOs and media to create awareness on POCL and ACJL.

Others are; Publication of Adamawa State Anti-corruption Strategy (ADSACS), ADSACS – AP and Monitoring and Evaluation plan. Establishment of ADSACS secretariat at the ministry of Justice. Inauguration of ADSACS State Steering Committee and MDAs’ ADSACS’ Implementing Units. Capacity building for ADSACS’ Implementing bodies. Public presentation of ADSACS at the 3 senatorial zones/LGAs. Development of ADSAC website.

On the Open Government Partnership (OGP), the stakeholders recommended that the state government should sign on to Open Government Partnership (OGP) initiative.

The state government also recommended the domestication or implementation and compliance with the provisions of Freedom of Information (FOI) Act among many other recommendations.

During the June 10 – 11 workshop, participants narrowed selected priority areas among the recommendations reached in April.

They include; establishment of ADSACS secretariat at the Ministry of Justice and presentation of ADSACS at the three senatorial zones.

Drafting of the witness protection policy document for improved prosecution in Adamawa State.

Citizens rights department to map out pro bono lawyers and institute a clearing house

To monitor progress in the implementation of ADSACS action plan and the convening of stakeholders round table on anti-corruption.

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