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Mahdi Shehu Arrest:  Setting The Records Straight And Putting The Narrative Right


Mahdi Shehu Arrest:  Setting The Records Straight And Putting The Narrative Right

By Abubakar Isa

Following the earlier sponsored fake allegations against renowned astute, non commercial whistle blower, Mahdi Shehu on purported attempt at extortion, circulated on electronic media, it is imperative to set the records straight. 

The postulation by one A A Sherif, lawyer to Malami Abubakar on the alleged attempt by Mahdi Shehu to obtain the sum of Five Hundred Million US Dollars from Malami and his family is at best malicious, misleading, cynical and an attempt to subdue the call to arrest and investigate the erstwhile Attorney General of the Federation and his family for forex fraud, monumental corruption and the advertent move by Malami to prevent the victory of the incumbent president.

Recall that on the 7th February, 2024, a press statement was made by Mohammed Abubakar on behalf of Mahdi Shehu, chronicling the true narrative of events and the surprising deployment of Police officers attached to IGP Monitoring Unit, under CP A.A Elleman who arrested and persistently detained Mahdi on an allegation that is ordinarily bailable to all intents and purposes. 

It is imperative to note that the earlier petition written to the IGP by Malami complained specifically about a purported syndicate who hacked and compromised emails and bank accounts belonging to him, but there was manifestly no mention of Mahdi Shehu and it was on the basis of the same petition that A.A Elleman arrested Mahdi, just a day after he called for the arrest and prosecution of Malami and his cronies by Obazee Jim.

It is pertinent more so to note that corrupt top government officials have in the past orchestrated the same pattern of Intimidation and exploitative use of Police powers to order the arrest and detention of Mahdi in 2021, which was later declared unlawful by the Federal High Court.

Note further that without prejudice to the power of Police to investigate crime in Nigeria, we hope they would also extend same powers to uncover the allegations of monumental corruption and forex fraud against Malami and should respect the constitutional rights of Mahdi Shehu by granting him bail pending conclusion of the now complex investigation to allay the already palpable suspicion of complicity and compromise which is vehemently frowned at by extant laws and Judicial authorities. This is even more so that Mahdi Shehu has since denied the allegations (despite the absence of his name on the petition), but the Police is still keeping him behind bars after 7 days and counting, to the consternation of an already ignited rage in the minds of well-meaning Nigerians which could deteriorate into breakdown of law and order.

It should also be noted that various rights groups in the country and beyond are paying keen attention to the event and its process and failure to dispense justice in that regards could lead to protracted legal battle.

Isa writes from Kaduna

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