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LIFE AND PEOPLE : Life is a scam -By Abdullahi O. Haruna

A time with mechanic yesterday left a sore taste of realisation, I will call his name so that he knows what he did is not just wrong but unfair! Salisu tricked me and almost swindled me. A funny noise from the car pushed me to the mechanic garage, using the aid of a machine , he detected what he called a big mechanical fault. To have it fixed, he charged me plenty of thousands.

Moved by instinct, I followed him to the spare dealer. By stroke of luck, Hygenus Ogwubuike the spare part seller saved me from being duped. He said what Salisu asked we buy does not exist and if it does exist, he has never seen even with his over 16 years in motor spare part venture. He looked straight into the eyes of Salisu and said, ‘Fear God for once, this man trusted you to patronise you, yet you want to defraud him’.

Confused, shamed and disappointed was Salisu who practically looked around for the ground to open for him to enter as the shame was unbearable. Yes, I was saved my hard-earned money by a man with a distant affinity while the man I prayed in the same mosque before coming to buy the nonexistent part almost cheated me. Yes, your helper may be far from you while your albatross is right under your nose. Life is a scam.

Meanwhile, the funny noise from the car was fixed with just a mere timing belt adjustment!

Have you read the news going round about Shema the oil mogul? His mum was kidnapped and a ransom of N200 million was asked for. To save his mother’s life, he got the money in minted but marked currency. His mother was released and the real story started. For every part of that money that was taken to the bank to be deposited by the beneficiaries of the kidnap comes with biting reality. Arrested thus as masterminds of the kidnap are family members, policemen, a senior army officer and others! What does this say, kidnapping is thriving because of the connivance of those paid to prevent the crime. Tragically, almost everyone is involved. Sadly musing

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