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Kidnapping:  ‘’ Bad leaders, bad   eggs in   police assist   criminals’’   Ali Kwara a renowned crime fighter   reveals


By Our Reporter


A valiant crime fighter Ali Kwara   alleges that some ‘’ bad eggs in police, traditional rulers and vigilantes’’ have hands in the incessant kidnappings and other crimes plaguing northern Nigeria, calling on the state   governments to be proactive to put to an end of the unpleasant situation.


The crime fighter recalls that the police actively supported by the former Inspector General of police Ibrahim Kpotun Idris in synergy with his men busted the syndicate about two years ago.

With the increasing rate of Kidnapping, armed robbery and car snatching cases in Nigeria especially in North East, Kwara  called on President Mohammed Buhari to engage the services of famous crime fighters in each state  to help  in curbing the menace .

In a telephone chat, Ali Kwara regrets that there were instances  where police in synergy with his men busted syndicate that comprised bad traditional rulers ,police and vigilantes that had hand in crimes.

He recalls that in Adamawa  there was a time, ‘’ a district head, 10 policemen as well as 40 others were arrested and  are currently in court over alleged gunrunning and kidnapping for ransom .


‘’ This district head, in Song local government was apprehended after purchasing a gun from one policeman.’’


He noted that the feat of apprehending the gunrunners and the unscrupulous policemen followed the arrest of some notorious armed robbers and kidnappers who had been terrorizing the state for a long time.


According to him the    arrested kidnappers revealed that they usually get their weapons through policemen who have become professional gunrunners.


“The arrested kidnappers disclosed getting weapons through policemen whom have become professional gunrunners.


” Based on the information, a sting operation was activated in which money was given to one of the criminals ostensibly to buy weapons from one of the policemen.


“It was at the point of collecting the weapons that the policeman was arrested which followed string of other arrests until 9 other policemen and the district head were all apprehended.


“The arrest of the ten policemen led to the arrest of 41 others including the district head and the recovery of 52 guns.

‘’Unfortunately, the case has been in court since and nothing has been done, and there were many  such cases in this country.

‘’ I think the present Inspector General of police and the government have to wake up and seek for helping hands,’’ said Ali Kwara .

Kidnapping for ransom and other violent crimes have been on the increase in the recent times, following the proliferation of light weapons and small arms which criminals find handy in perpetrating all sorts of crime.

In the meantime, efort to get the reaction of the police through its spokesman, Othman Abubakar proved abortive.

Abubakar, when reached through his phone line said he could not speak as at the time of the call Sunday afternoon as he said was at an event.


Similarly, a text message in respect of the subject was not responded to by the police image maker as at the time of filing the report.

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