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KACRAN Lauds Tinubu For Special Consideration In Constituting NEDC Board

Kulen Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria (KACRAN) has commended President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for given special consideration in appointing the Governing Board of North East Development Commission (NEDC).

The commendation is contained in a press statement by the National President of KACRAN, Hon. Khalil Mohd Bello.

The Statement:

KACRAN commends Tinubu for given Special considerations to NEDC governing board.

It is undeniable fact that, North East region of the federal Republic of Nigeria is the most ruinously and highly devastated region that is still suffering from the activities of boko-haram insurgency; cattle rustling and all form of illegal act of live and economic destructions. Because, the most sorrowful issue under reference has resulted into killing of several thousand innocent people; lost of properties like houses, schools, places of worship, farms, shops and livestock worth billions or trillion of Naira. Also this mayhem resulted into displacing thousands of people from their cities, towns, villages and rural areas who were chased away from their ancestral land and totally deprived from their means of lively hood.

And it is on this back ground that the former President of Nigeria, Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari wisely established NEDC in the year 2017 and charged its management board with several responsibilities among which includes the resettlement of internally displaced persons; provision of palliative to the IDP, rebuilding burnt or destroyed schools/houses; building new houses; construction of roads and bridges; provision of modern health care centers, as well as taking long and short term measures on how to rebuild the economy and living standard of the people of the region.

It will empress one to hear that, immediately after the Commission’s establishment and appointment of its management board members, the Commission swung into actions of providing the aforementioned social services and their likes including provision of portable drinking water to our beloved Herders as well as contributing tremendously towards helping our Security agents with utility vehicle and other necessary equipment resulting into reducing the level of insurgency in the region to the bearest minimum.

It is in view of the above prose on the NEDC and how it excelled in its performances through its previous members of management board that we of KACRAN strongly commended Mr President for reappointing most of the members of the Commission’s Managements Board where Mr President Resend their names for confirmation by the members of the National Assembly.

KACRAN extending its commendation/appreciation to President Tinubu for the fact that, we of KACRAN Considered timely reconstitution of the NEDC Management Board as a right move in the right direction.

We stating this for the fact that, we the people of North Eastern region more specially Herders, who happen to be among the direct beneficiaries of the Commission’s policies and programmes in terms of water projects and other social services considered NEDC as the only reliable Federal Government’s Agency that is working assiduously to complement its Vision and Mission of rebuilding the region.

The United Nations reported that there is a bad signal indicating that over 4,000,000 people in the North East that are expected to be devastated or butchered by high gravity of hunger this year, 2023 and beyond. This has called for immediate reappointment of the Commission’s Management Board.

The current hardship faced by Nigerians due to the total removal of oil subsidy which Negatively affecting the people of the region badly would be seen as one of the reason why the Commission’s function is badly desired in the region.

Moreover, we people of North East deem it necessary to highly applaud President Tinubu reappointment of the members for another four year term to continue with their good work is right move in the right direction, because we are fully aware that, nearly all members of Governing Boards and Parastatals of federal government with the exception of very few have been dissolved by Mr President in his bid to bring sanity in governance, which provided him with over 2000 vacancies ready for his Presidential blessings, but our is an unforgettable gesture we have mentioned earlier..

At the same time, KACRAN on behalf of the entire members of our great Association remain thankful and extremely grateful to your Excellency, Mr President for the reappointment most of the previous members of the Commission’s Management Board whom we are closely working together with as partners in progress towards providing portable drinking water to our members across the region. This, we have previously commended in our last publication for their dedication, total commitment and hard work.

We are of the view that, their reappointment will bring quick development and consolidation of their previous achievements for the fact that, they know where they stopped and where to continue from, contrary to appointment of fresh members who must start with feasibility study in order to know where to start which is a time and money consuming.

Similarly, we want to use this medium to passionately call on Mr President to kindly consider the remaining members of the Commission’s Management Board who worked selflessly during their first tenure but not reappointed to continue with their good work, to enable Government exploit their vast experiences, hard work and sincerity to the fullest.

The fact is that, currently there is no NGO services in the entire Borno State which is the epic center of insurgent devastation, extreme hardship due to the unexpected total removal of oil subsidy, issue of climate change and total collapse of the majority of peoples economy had brought the urgent need for quickest reinstituting of NEDC governing board.

Once more, as a matter of utmost importance and going by the financial and economic incapacitation of our people mainly caused by the activities of insurgency and the untold sufferings/hunger that most of the people of the region are muddling through, we of KACRAN strongly appeal to our Members of National Assembly to please expedite action on affirming the names under reference.

We once again appeal to Mr President and our Vice President, Kashim Shettima to kindly involve NEDC in the intended Federal and state governments move to introduce palliative that will reduce the hardship associated with the total removal of oil subsidy because they know where the people of grassroots are and going by their historical antecedent, they can easily and effectively provide palliative at the door step of our people.

In conclusion, we ardently call on the newly appointed NEDC Governing Board to immediately move into positive action as soon as their names are ratified by our Members of National Assembly to reciprocate the trust and confidence reposed on them by Mr President. KACRAN and most of the people of the region believed, this is the only way that many lives will be saved in the region.


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