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Kabiru Mijinyawa: A tribute to an accomplished Speaker

By Yakub Uba

Love him or hate him, Rt. Honourable Kabiru Mijinyawa, the out-going Speaker of Adamawa House of Assembly has broken the jinx and set the record of being the longest serving Speaker in Adamawa, an effective one for that matter.

Under him, we saw for the first time a cordial working relationship between the executive and legislative arm in Adamawa that let to two times approval of Constituency Project for the lawmakers who used the opportunity to deliver services in key areas of needs in their respective constituencies.

Under him, the House passed over 90 bills and over 200 motions out of which many were assented to by the executive, making it the highest number of bills passed by any assembly since the inception of the nascent democracy in Adamawa.

Kabiru as an effective lawmaker gave his constituency, Yola South, quality representation by sponsoring about 10 bills. Some of his bills passed by the House include:

A bill for a law to establish Adamawa State Mining Company, the bill for a law to provide for the control, regulation and management of public finance of the government and the bill for a law to provide for the management of funds of the Adamawa state house of assembly.

As a Speaker he did not abandoned his local community of Wuro-Hausa to build a house in highbrow areas of Yola. He remain with them, interact, rejoice and mourn wth them when the needs arise.

As for his programmes and projects in Yola South, the are too numerous to mention in a brief write up like this just as its difficult to see the entire sky through a bamboo tube. In short, Kabiru was felt in key areas of education and youths empowerment.

A team player committed to transparency, many attempts to impeach Kabiru failed and always ended consolidating his grip as a leader in charge of a roaring chamber full of drama and suspense.

As the 6th assembly come to an end, many are praying that Kabiru succeed himself in the 7th assembly as speaker, if he didn’t because APC is now a minority in the house, the consolation is that he is still a member in that noble chamber and very close for his successor to tap from his experience.

He has set a standard for others to follow, and remain a bench mark for measuring future speakers in Adamawa.

Glow with pride Kabiru, you did us proud and we remain proud to be associated with you.*

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