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Its Economically Nonsensical To Borrow N22bn To Build Bridges – Dan Maje Adamawa

A budding young politician who is aspiring to govern Adamawa State come 2023, Ahmadu Hamman Nasara, (Dan Maje Adamawa) has disclosed that it is economically nonsensical for the government to borrow about N22 billion to build bridges in a state grappling with economic and social challenges like Adamawa State.

Dan Maje Adamawa who is aspiring to lead the state under the auspices of the All Progressives Congress (APC), noted that what a state that has great deposit of limestone like Adamawa needs to do, is to invest such funds into development of the huge resource to generate hundreds of billions for the people of the state in the nearest future.

” You can’t borrow money to the tune of N22 billion just to build a bridge. After all we have a large amount of limestone lying in Adamawa State which you can use the N20 billion to make N100bn in a short time.

” There is the need to refocus our priorities by voting people that have the experience and the will to change the destiny of the state,” he said.

Dan Maje Adamawa said the worst tragedy that will beset a people is to make the mistake of electing those that are prone to promote their selfish interests at the detriment of the collective interest of the state, noting that unless the people had a change of attitude, the polity will continue to harvest bad leaders.

He noted that his aspiration to contest the highest office in the state stemmed from the clarion call of the people who believed in his abilities to change the narratives of leadership for the good.

Dan Maje Adamawa also said that his aspiration will also demystify the myths and negative notions that many have against the youth adding that he will go out to show that the youth are responsive, responsible and equal to carry out the daunting task of leadership.

” The main reason which spur me to develop interest in leading Adamawa State has to do with the clarion call of the people.

” I also want to demystify the old notion that nothing good can come out of our youth. I want to show that Nigerian youths have the character, mettle, experience, knowledge and even the financial muscle to bring the needed changes that we need for the good of all and sundry.

” In other climes, youths are leading their countries but unfortunately, in Nigeria, the same youth are consigned to the backseat despite our energy, resources, numerical strength and competitiveness.

” We really want to change such ugly narrative about the youth that is why we are also throwing our hats into the ring so as to change the lot of the youths, women, children and people living with disability and show the world that Nigerian youths can also give purposeful leadership,” he said.

Dan Maje Adamawa who vociferously debunked the insinuations that the youth have great limitations said such postulations were unfounded.

“Prophet Muhammad became the leader of Islamic world at 40 and Jesus also became the leader at 35. Even by divination, it shows that youth are more primed for leadership.

” At 38, I’m most suited to handle the rigours and challenging turf of leading Adamawa people to the promised land. My sojourn into the business world which gave me the latitude to travel to more than 61 countries will come handy.

” In me, Adamawa State will have someone with energy, competence, experience and the will to transform it to the next level,” he said.

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