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Governor Darius make first appearance attend Church Service

 ‘’ No It wasn’t true that I didn’t see my Governor’’ Taraba Deputy

By  Agency Report

Amidst controversy Taraba state governor, Darius Dickson Ishaku has on this Sunday make public appearance at church service to dispel rumour being peddled that ‘’ he is seriously sick.’’

Since his return from long vacation the governor was not seen even in public event a situation that sparks insinuation that the governor was sick.

Gov. Darius at church service

Also reacting his deputy Engr. Haruna Manu who was earlier reported to have ‘’barred’’ from seeing the  governor , said his boss was ‘’hale and hearty.’’


The full brief interview

Is it true that you didn’t meet with His Excellency since his return?

‘’ I can tell you that absolutely  there is no true  in what people have been spreading on social media; the governor came back on Tuesday evening, I think around six or there about . And around 9:30 I saw him just to brief him on developments on so many things that happened in the state while he was away. I was with him around 9:30 until about 12:30 were just discussing state issues.

‘’And after I left, there were  even some members of the state House of Assembly and two permanent secretaries that were waiting to see the governor that day. So quite frankly I am surprised to see what has been going on in the social media sphere; people have been saying that the governor is sick.

‘’Not only that, on Wednesday that’s on the workers day, we were all in the office, I went to represent him at the workers day ceremony and later in the day we were all in the office until around 8pm or thereabout. And on Thursday too, we were in the office, we held security meeting and virtually all the security chiefs were in attendance, we held security meeting for over seven hours, discussing security issues generally in the state and around our border communities.

‘’ so, I am surprised, I can tell you that the governor is doing very well and he is fine!’’

But sir, since his return from vacation he is yet to appear in any state public function a situation that sparked insinuation, in fact even on workers day you represented him there, so why he is yet to be seen at public event?

The way government runs it affairs differ, in fact if the governor doesn’t have any function that warrant public to see him, I don’t think just for the sake of fun to be there. So I am very sure that if there is any function the governor supposed to attend he will attend and people will see him. But what I can tell you is that he has been attending to state functions in his office. And even tomorrow if there is function that will warrant the governor to go out to perform the function outside so that the press will cover it, the governor will go and perform such function and the public will be able to see him.

‘’And let me confirm to you that today he went to church and I think that rest the case.

But what assurance do you have for the people of Taraba that Danbaba Suntai’s saga will not repeat itself?

I think people should continue to pray for their leaders and that’s even what the two religions preach that you should wish your leaders well, so that they can work for the people and for the betterment of the citizens and that’s my call to all the people of Taraba state.

What do you mean by Danbaba Suntai’s saga here. Do you mean people are praying for that? No, I don’t think so, we should all wish ourselves good not bad and all I can assure you is that my boss His Excellency is hale and hearty.’

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