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Election:KACRAN Tasks Presidential Candidates On Peace

The Kulen Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria (KACRAN), has urged  Presidential candidates of political parties to avoid any action that will worsen insecurity in the country.

KACRAN made in a statement signed by the National President, Hon. Khalil Mohammed Bello in response to persistent reiteration by the presidential candidates on their plan to employ hundreds and thousands of security personnel if elected in the BBC Hausa Programme, “Ra’ayi Riga” aired on Friday.

According to the association, such measure would not bring lasting solution to the nation’s security problem and could even exacerbate it.

“Though the Association is not denying the fact that there is need to increase the number of security personnel in Nigeria, but the number of security personnel desired in the country as of now, considering the country’s economic situation, the country will not be able to employ and maintain them; is not that number that matters but may be around  50 to 70 thousand only that can be adequately trained and be issued  with  modern and sophisticated weapons commensurate to the current realities.

“Our major concern is if the government employ hundred thousands or one million personnel into the military, they will not be adequately trained or given enough superior weapons.

“And where are we going to get money to pay their salaries, especially now that government often resorts to borrowing money to pay salary?
It should be noted that if they are not paid sufficiently and on time or fully God forbid, it means we have failed to pay them at all, so what do you think would happen to our current fragile security system?

“Why should one employ and arm morthan one million army when we are not sure of paying their monthly salaries without having to borrow more money which is not even a guarantee?

“The burning questions to ask here is if security and safety of lives and properties is eventually fully restored, is the government still going to retain them as military personnel or retrench them or give them another job which is not available or have a plan to create?

“Why is the government eager and  interested to be among the countries which have millions of security personnel in the world since we are not  in a war  situation?

“It should not be  forgotten that even our current military personnel on many occasions have complained  bitterly for not being catered for, or supplied with enough sophisticated weapons to  fight their enemies.

“It should not be forgotten that if everyone knows how to operate weapons and easily have access to it there is tendency that they can easily be tempted to become   bandits if they are left with hunger or bastardize by our next  Governments,” the statement added.

It noted the situation in Ukraine where the government was more concern in training and acquiring of latest weapons instead of recruitment of more soldiers to face Russia, adding that  massive employment of military personnel would create a situation where the bandits and other separatists will be fighting untrained military personnel, a development that could be highly embarrassing/demoralizing and detrimental to the nation security.

KACRAN made the the following suggestion as a road map to end the the problem of insecurity”

“Identifying the reason why people are taking arms and becoming bandits or separatists so as to engage them in dialogue and identify  who government will fight with all its military might.

“Establish many industries and factories  that will create  jobs to the millions of youths and also serve as a strategy to reduce insecurity in our country.

“KACRAN is also of the view that, giving the already existing  security personnel good training and issuence of enough deadly weapons is more important than employing one million military personnel whose salary, allowances, training and weapons will be unbearable to Federal Government.

“Timely payment of  salaries, allowances and  entitlements will motivate them to be highly docile, loyal and committed to the defence of lives, property and the country as their father land.

“Showing them  love, respect, and assurances for medical  treatment in case if they are wounded in the battlefield.

“The families of Security personnel  who lost their lives while defending the country must  be treated with extraordinary care and their demands such as feeding, children’s  school fees, daily needs etc, be fully provided  by government,”

The association also kicked against creation of state police, saying that it would just add more burden to states as many of them are even finding it difficult to pay salaries.

“In conclusion, we once again, want to draw the attention of our hopeful  presidential candidates that,  employment of the aforementioned military or security personnel without being adequately taking care of our existing one one is not the right answer or solution to our security challenges. And we are hopeful and prayerful that,  the aforementioned suggestions should be adhered to, and implemented,” the statement added

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