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Bloggers Tasked to play role in tackling Fake News

Bloggers in the country are urged to work immensely in tackling Fake News which become rampant in the Social media, thereby causing havoc and damages to many sectors.

This call was made by the Chief Coordinator of the Arewa Bloggers Association, Bashir Abdullahi El-bash in an interview with Freedom Radio, in a program Zarar Bunu on Saturday.


El-Bash said the bloggers are the originators of fake news in the Social Media, adding that most of the fake or libellous statement are copied from them.

He appeal to social media users to desist from sharing or commenting on whatever they found blasphemous in the internet, saying only that will bring sanity and make peaceful society.

“I wonder why people will just copy and paste anything they found interesting in the Social media without verifying it’s root and whether it’s true.

“This really affects us in the society because so many incidences like this brought alot of problem especially during elections and political campaigns era”, he added.

He however said Arewa Bloggers is a established to curve the menace of fake news and disrespect to humans in the Social Media and that they are working hard to ensure that.

He added that they will partner with government and other stakeholders involved to ensure justice and fairness in the new media.

“We are working tirelessly to tell the youth in the Social Media that it’s high time that someone will hire them just to spread fake news. They should understand their value and impact in Social Media so that they can use that opportunity to make money through genuine advertisements and advertorial.

“In Arewa Bloggers Association we’re coming with a blueprint that will guide peoples conduct in the Social Media and that will make a positive impact and address the problem of fake news in the internet”, according to him.

Stressing that there is a different between Social Media users and Bloggers, El-bash called on bloggers to desist from spreading fake news, adding that almost all fake news items are coming from them.

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