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Between SGF Boss Mustapha And His Traducers

By Mohammed Ismail


With Nigerian politicians, the general tendency is not to look at things objectively but in a personal and parochial stance. It is therefore not surprising that while the country steadily moves towards the inauguration of President Muhamadu Buhari for a second term, the political Hawks are taking time to see if they can sideline those they see as outsiders.

As May 29 approaches, bigwigs , unproductive so called political stakeholders and people that otherwise stand for nothing except for the largesse of the Federal Seat of power have engaged in intrigues meant to damage the reputation of their “assumed enemies’

These groups fails to see merit in good works of their “presumed enemies”.

This is the reason Boss Mustapha the Secretary to the Government of the Federation is in their bad books. His efforts to see that the APC wins in his home state was quickly interpreted as betrayal of a Candidate they favoured.
These assumptions did not take into cognisance the fact that their antagonist stance against the recognized APC Candidate in the state will cost the APC dearly. It is a well known fact that the intra party conflict gave victory to a formidable force headed by a Atiku Abubakar who is a force to reckon with as far as politics in Adamawa is concerned.

These group of people,some, seemingly close to the President have taken it upon themselves an unjust cause of stirring unrest in a stable government by using the image of Boss Mustapha and are vigorously against his being returned as SGF in Buhari’s second tenure. Their reasons are self seeking ,they are either envious of his acceptability,his political clout as shown by his political aspirations in the past and even his cool headedness. All these are qualities envied by the group.

Added to this is the undisputable fact that he is the most cosmopolitan as far as his traducers from Adamawa (his home state) are concerned. He is the only one among them that is a full representative of what Adamawa stand for being indigene of Adamawa Central (born in Jimeta) had his early Education in Numan (Adamawa South) and hails from Hong . With these, he is much at home with all the ethnic groups cutting across the state something non of them can contest.

Another aspect for the morbid hatred they nurse against Boss Mustapha is that he does not belong to the clique in the CPC which is one of the parties that merged to for the APC. However they seem to have forgotten that the CPC as it was then stood no chance of winning elections in Adamawa State nor the greater Nigeria within collapsing the structures to join other parties to for the APC. It is the coming of different parties including aggrieved members of the PDP that formed the potent party that swept the 2015 polls in Adamawa and Nigeria then. It is this party APC, that place Governor Umaru Jibrilla Bindow in Government House Yola.

Strange as it might appear, it is members of the same party that fought the sitting Governor due to self seeking reasons that made the victory of Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri as Governor of Adamawa State in 2019 .
Even after the loss at the polls, they continued to fight the Governor and the whole Electoral process in a bid to have one of their own as a candidate for the party should they succeed in annulling the Adamawa Governorship Election. This is why and how the neutrality of Boss Mustapha and his struggle for the unity of the party drew him bad blood, before the 2019 general election he was anathema to them.

For these clique of Adamawa citizens, nothing barring what they want is good for the people of the state.

To the credit of Mr Boss Mustapha and despite attempts to get at him , he has been steadfast and undistracted by the mudslinging directed at him. A cautious and cool headed man, he has no record of using abusive language in problems within the party or with opponents during elections. This has endeared him to many who hear bad things said about him but never had the benefit of prove as to the veracity of such allegations.

Boss Mustapha is not only well bred and we’ll schooled, he has that innate ability to work with all kinds of people under the most strenuous condition. He has powerful connections and links with individuals and political groups that makes getting to the root of all manners of problems possible. He is in tandem with the high and below and knows the pulse of the Nation as a whole. If the Federal Government is in need of the services of a man in good state , it would be Boss Mustapha especially at this stage that Buhari intends to move to the next level fighting corruption, building infrastructure and strengthening our institutions for a truly free and Democratic nation.

As it is now Boss Mustapha is not just a possibility but a man needed at the next level despite the negative image some people are trying to cast him in.
It maybe as a result of personal differences, rivalry,hatred, religious animosity etc, one thing is clear, all these including envy are qualities that good men must endure.

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