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Anxiety in Adamawa APC as chieftain accuses ex-zonal vice chair, others of doctoring congress results

A simmering crisis is currently brewing in Adamawa State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), as a chieftain of the party, Hussaini Gambo Nakura, accused immediate north east zonal vice chairman of the party, Comrade Mustapha Salihu and a member of the exco in Adamawa State, Saidu Naira and others for unilaterally doctoring the result of the local government party congress to favour some highly connected persons in Abuja.

Nakura specifically accused Salihu of taking advantage of his closeness to the interim national caretaker chairman of the party, Governor Mai Mala-Buni, to behave like a drunken sailor by changing the peoples will to massage his political ego.

He cautioned Salihu and Naira against destroying the party on the alter of their selfish interests noting that they cannot achieve whatever motive they had in mind if the party is dead.

“Some of them think the party is for sale. The progress of the party is not in their agenda but how to make pecuniary capital regardless of the fate and destiny of the party.

“We know how some of them were offering party positions to the highest bidders. Their major attraction is how to use the party platform for self enrichment,” Nakura said.

Nakura called on the national chairman of APC whom he described as a true democrat, to immediately reverse the intransigence before Salihu and his co-travellers rock the ship of the party in Adamawa State.

He said that it was disheartening to note that the despite committing such a heinous crime, Salihu who appeared unremorseful and unfazed for aiding abetting such travesty has been openly boasting that he and his co-travellers changed the results of the congresses, saying nothing will happen to them.

He noted that if left unchecked, that singular action may lead to severe consequences for the party in 2023 although he expressed optimism that they will defeat the forces of darkness who are trying at all cost to wreak the party.

“I want to assure you that APC will regain its winning streak in Adamawa State because there are good men who will not allow such travesty to uphold.

“In democracy the will of the majority prevails and must be upheld that is why I’m telling you that the antics of Salihu and his backers will be defeated and APC will come out stronger to regain back its lost mandate in the state.

“In fact during one of our stakeholders meeting, I told Salihu that we will never allow the travesty they wanted to hoist on the party to sail through.

“During our meeting with Mai Mala-Buni, we brought the list of the duly elected exco which was compared with the doctored ones. It was then we established that in Mubi, the name of a man was presented as woman leader. Is it not shameful?” he queried.

Nakura said, in Yola north, his constituency, names of duly elected ward exco were unilaterally changed sparking serious disquiet and anxiety adding that such show of disrespect will be surely resisted.

Nakura urged the national secretariat of the party to upturn such descent to anarchy adding that if left unchecked, the action will surely lead to unsavory consequences in the party.

He noted that the stakeholders were taken aback when they saw different names of elected exco other than the ones who were either elected or upheld based on consensus in some wards and local governments adding that such action presents real threat to democracy.

“After the successful conduct of the ward and local government congresses, the state party forwarded the names of duly elected excos across to the national secretariat, unfortunately, the names were changed and strange exco were brought in almost all the local governments in the state.

“It is poignant to state that in Mubi, the name of a man was brought in as a woman leader. This shows how desperate these dark forces are bent in destroying the party and democracy as a whole. But the good thing is that men of goodwill are not folding their arms to watch the shenanigan unfold.

“And as for their backers in Abuja who want to use the power in their grip to play God, it is important to know that power is ephemeral and will never last and they should know also there is life after power and whatever atrocity they upheld will come back to them.

“It is an aberration for one man to think he can play God and change the destiny of millions of Adamawa people to satisfy his political ego. I was surprised when Comrade Mustapha Salihu openly and boldly told me that he unilaterally changed the names,” Nakura said.

He noted that in order to address the heist, a 17-man committee from Yola north was constituted to meet with the national caretaker chairman of the party to ensure the right thing is done.

“Because of our resolve for the right thing to be done, a 17-man committee which I was part of, was constituted with the mandate to meet with the national caretaker chairman of the party, Mai Mala-Buni.

“We met with the caretaker chairman on Thursday September 2, 2021. The meeting was attended by Prof Mamman Tahir, acting Zonal Vice Chairman North East, Chief of staff to Mai Mala-Buni, Comrade Mustapha Salihu and others.

” Both the national caretaker chairman and Professor Mamman Tahir assured us that the issue will be looked into and the right thing will be done.

“The committee also used the opportunity to separately meet with the SGF, Boss Mustapha, Sen. Aishatu Ahmed Binani and Abdulaziz Nyako all in a bid to ensure that the party is brought back to the path of sanity and probity. All the stakeholders commended us for the show of maturity to ensure amicable resolution of the matter,” Nakura said.

Nakura noted that it was hard to believe that the duly elected excos in the ward of major stakeholders of the party in Yola South including the ward of the current senator representing Adamawa central, Aisha Binani, (Mbamoi) and that of Nuhu Ribadu, (Bako) ward, were all altered by one man.

He noted that in the same vein, the wards of senior stakeholders in Yola north like the PA to president Buhari on domestic matters, Sarki Abba, (Ajiya) ward, also suffer similar fate as the names of the duly elected excos were routed and new ones written.

Nakura said the no love lost and serious altercations coming from Mubi were as a result of the odious actions of Salihu.

He added that as a result of the injustice meted to the people of Mubi, major stakeholders like former Governor Muhammad Umaru Jibrilla Bindow and the current senator representing Adamawa north, Ishaku Abbo have started nursing the idea of seeking for legal redress, adding that such is an indication of bad things to come unless remediation takes place.

Nakura who accused Salihu of not adding any value to APC noted that the man has largely confined himself to Abuja as he has not been attending any party activity in the state but feel comfortable to use his relationship with the national caretaker chairman to destroy what others have built.

“Salihu is not giving any contribution to the growth of the party in Adamawa State. We all know the people promoting the party in Adamawa like, SGF Boss Mustapha, Minister, Sen Aisha Binani, Sarki Abba, Malam Nuhu Ribadu, Abdulaziz Nyako and host of others.

” While these people are trying to build the party, Salihu and his ilk who are not contributing to its development, are busy trying to destroy it. Like I said, their actions will boomerang in their faces,” he said.

Nakura expressed disgust with the way and manner Salihu made Yushau Adamu, a close associate of Sulaiman Adamu, the chairman of Yola South who was expelled from the party for wishing Buhari to drop dead to supervise the LG congress of the party in Yola North local government.

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