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Activist SB Blasts GM, TSBS Again, Threatens To Petition EFCC

For now, there seems to be no end in altercation ensued between the General Manager of Taraba state Broadcasting Service (TSBS) Engr. Theophilus Andeyarka and Dr. Sulaiman Bakari (SB), a Certified Criminal Investigative Analyst,

In a fresh rejoinder SB Bakari charged the GM to stop hiding and be bold enough to address issues alleged, rather than engaging faceless groups to do his bidding.

The rejoinder read as thus:



I read all the lines in your bias driven and cheap popularity seeking attack on my well-conceived petition against the Management of Taraba State Broadcasting Service (TSBS) under the leadership of Engr. Theophilus Andeyarka and I became even more and more committed to shouldering a just course for the wellbeing of the people of Taraba State. My aim is to instill equity for all, irrespective of gender, tribe and ethnic background.

Your attempt to respond to my petition is a show of emptiness with colossal meaningless concessions.

I read through and it rather makes me to stoop to elementary language so as to make you understand.

Your actions mirrors vague and blinkered reasoning standards that religious bigots display in order to attract favour, while they hide the true position of things. You are only trying to dulcify the religious bodies in Taraba state, as your existence is not known and I was reliably informed that you gather under the mango tree to peddle rumours and work under the canopy of religion to propagate unethical standards of believe.

Your toxic reactions is capable of continuing the divide that Engr. Theophilus Andeyarka is anchoring at Taraba State Broadcasting Service (TSBS). Need it be to inform you and your allies that there is no body language between me and the paid politically religious and unfocused bodies such like yours. Your attention is no doubt on the money bags and every good thing goes down the drain.

This is why you have abandoned the right teachings of the various faiths to propagating ills that cause division. Little wonder why you captioned your write up as religious eye service; it is indeed what you are peddling.

As for me, this season of sober reflection and rebirth is equally a time to speak the truth as it is always bitter, but better.
Meanwhile, I will not dwell on the matter as the petition has been filed at the appropriate quarters for investigation and immediate action. However, I see the need to clarify some claims which are capable of causing distraction from the main course I am pursuing.

Let me start with the name of the association that wrote in response to my petition called the Taraba Inter-Faith Coalition. It claims to be an independent group of respected clergymen and professionals from both religions.

The big questions are:
How come the group is not known?

Do you have an operating address?
or it is a make shift formation for the purpose of the response?

I see your response as a complete ridicule on your fundamental goal, which is to promote harmonious relationship between Muslims and Christians in the state.
Your response clarifies that you are religious dogmatists, who instead of verifying claims, tow the line of high level of disarray in the handling of issues.

I have strong belief that the General Manager is not docile, that is why I addressed my
petition to him.

How come it is an unknown group that is responding on his behalf? I must say that because you are not familiar with the issue I am stressing, that is why you got it all twisted and had to bring in other matters that are unconnected with my petition.

So Interfaith groups are now tools for attack on people with reasonable issues of urgent importance? All I am seeking in my petition is a redress of the system. I do not need a reply by a cheaply sponsored group to play out the script given to them by their paymaster, who seeks to divert the attention of the public from the substantial facts leveled in the petition.
This act is tantamount to ignoring the substance and chasing shadows.

The group was suddenly inaugurated by their paymaster who was caught PANT DOWN and could not defend himself with facts and figures.

Continuing in this act will not solve the lingering problem, instead it will expose him more and more as the office was given to him on trust, therefore the expectation is for him to be fair to all.

Public office holders should always bear in mind that, life is transient, and public office is just like the saying goes in Nigerian pidgin: “Soldier go, Soldier come, but barrack dey kampe”. It is said that posterity will always judge in due course.

Before the GM came on board, so many others had held that office in the same capacity; certainly, more will come after him.

My petition provides him the opportunity to right the wrongs before he takes a bow.

My petition has no political undertone, so your reference to my dying career, makes it evident that you judge with assumption.

As an interfaith body, you go about monitoring peoples’ careers? that is ridiculous and it casts aspersion on your body as an interfaith group.

Permit me to make it clear that there are two types of politicians: Professional and non-professional Politicians. While the non-professional politicians do politics for a life time, the professional politicians are professionals in their various fields of endeavor; they however participate in politics and once their tenure is over, they resume back to their professions. With all sense of humility, I belong to the class of professionals.

In order to properly equip myself in my profession, I am currently running my PhD programme in Security and Stragetic Studies.

All my life I have been an advocate of due process, fair play and good governance. For over a decade, I have been given the opportunity by God Almighty to serve my dear country, Nigeria, as a federal agent saddled with the responsibility of ensuring accountability, transparency and integrity in both private and public sectors.
I did my best and it never went unnoticed. My actions were rewarded, as I was nominated and eventually selected among several others to represent my Agency at the National Assembly.

My job was filled with commitment as I was diligent in it.

Taraba State is one of the 36 states of the federation. It is my state of origin, and I will be the happiest person to see a Taraba that is more developed than other states in Nigeria. That time, it will surely be free from all forms of bias, religious bigotry, redundancy and parochial sentiments.

Our energy will be channeled towards harnessing our richly endowed natural resources for the benefit of all, irrespective of our individual backgrounds.

“Nature’s gift to the Nation” was carefully and deliberately made the slogan used to describe Taraba State. We are one indivisible people. We have been standing together united and strong.

No public office established by government and run with tax-payers money, and which is meant to impact on the lives of the people should be allowed to divide the same set of people based on narrow-minded and primitive sentiments.

No individual occupying any public office should be allowed to cause disunity with selective treatments on things that everyone has a right to partake on.

Dr. Sulaiman Bakari (SB), PhD in view;
Certified Criminal Investigative Analyst, by the FBI United States of America, USA.

Concerned Taraba State Citizen.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rabiu Saidu Ajiya

    May 18, 2020 at 10:37 pm

    This is just the plain truth,my boss Dr SB will surely fight for our right and also make sure justice should be done and indeed this is all dat we asked for!

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