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A letter to my late father, by Adnan Mukhtari Adamu


By Adnan Mukhtari Adamu


Dear Mukhtari Adamu (Professor),


I hope this letter reaches your illumined grave in peace as today, the 25th of April, marks the 26th year anniversary of your death. I can recall how you, together with your friend and brother, Malam Yusuf Karachi Tudunwada, were involved in a ghastly motor accident in Ningi. I’m in loss of words to describe you, father. You are everything to me. If not for the death, you could have been my counsellor, teacher, cheerleader, caretaker, best friend and my most ardent supporter. Life without you has been challenging, I must confess.




You left me in this world while I was just six-month-old but I’m always looking up to your sound legacies in my journey into becoming like you. You have always been my best source of inspiration. You inspired me to become a student leader and social commentator. Though, becoming a lawyer like you was not my design, my elder brother has since taken that step up and is now a brilliant lawyer like you were.


I want to inform you that the three children you left are in their primes excelling in their various chosen careers today. You now have as children, a lawyer, a Dental Health Technician House Wife and a Journalist. Your four grandchildren are growing up, Fatima and your namesake Ameer are doing very well in school, too.


I was told of how generous, kind-hearted, loving, religious, thoughtful, hopeful and selfless you were. Mommy told me about your religious character and incorruptible mind. She cited many places where you refused to take bribe as a Magistrate.


The three copies of the Noble Qur’an that you bought for us to read before you leave this world are still in use and I promise to give it to my unborn child, Muhammad, so that the reward will be going to you continuously.


Before the death of your mother, Hajiya Hauwa, she told us about you in tears, that you were a good and obedient son she was always proud of. She would later pray for the repose of your soul.




When I go through your certificates, I feel proud and honored for having you as my father. The legacies you left give me courage and inspirations in this life. You left a good track record that I am always following, just as the saying goes: “Kyan Da Yagaji Ubansa.” Yes Baba, I will be following your footsteps in sha Allah.


I’m writing this tribute on this medium in your honor for the seventh time, not for any reason but for “prayers”, yes prayer! It is the best gift to the dead. My hope and prayer are that this kind of tribute should equally be rendered by my son or daughter in my honour after my demise.


You’ve left people with a lot of good memories of you. They always mention how you made them laugh, always listened, how you always helped whoever you could with whatever you could. It gives me a feeling of warmth inside of me to hear these good things about you just as it equally inspires me to be the kind of son you’d be proud of.


Thank you, daddy. Thank you for your love. Thank you for the memories. Thank you for being a good, hard-working human being who encouraged me to be the best person I can be and to do the best I can in everything I wish to achieve. So, thank you for that.

Most importantly, thank you for being my father. I love you.

Please take time and say a prayer for my late father and his friend, may Allah forgive them and the entire Ummah!



Your Proud Son,

Adnan Mukhtari Adamu

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