A yet to be identified man in Lagos has died after early morning sex with a woman.

The unidentified man as found in the hotel room in Lagos

In a video that has gone viral, the sex worker, who identified herself as Precious from Akwa Ibom State said she alerted the hotel staff, when she found that the man was not responding when she tried to nudge him to pay her, as she was about to leave the hotel.

The precise date of the incident was not given, but policemen were believed to have leaked the video.

Policemen who interrogated the girl in the video found some drugs in the man’s bag and it was believed the man used them before going to bed.


In the video, Precious said she was introduced to the deceased by someone who told her that a man who just ‘came back’ needed a lady to spend the night with.

Precious met the man and they finally lodged in a hotel. After taking their meals, they slept off. The man woke up around 5am and they had sex. Precious insisted that they must use the condom, which she brought out.

According her, after having sex, the man stood up and went into the bathroom to dispose the condom. When he returned, she remembered asking the man for the time. And he said around 5am, meaning they only had a quickie.

Meinnah, a member of the Viagra family

One hour later, Precious woke up to leave. She tried waking the man up but the man didn’t wake up. That was when she alerted the hotel staff.

One of the drugs found with the dead man is called Meinnah, a member of the Viagra family.

Like all Sildenafil, it is a common medication used to stimulate erections in men with erectile dysfunction (ED) and treat certain heart conditions.

Also found on him was an anti-malarial drug called Coatal Forte, Chinese made, but distributed in Nigeria by Geneith Pharm Limited.